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Wholesale Fresh Water Tropical Fish Sales

Fareham Tropicals

Fareham Tropicals is a UK based wholesaler of tropical and cold water aquatic livestock including fish, plants, shrimps, snails, turtles and amphibians.

We currently have capacity for up to 600 species in our warehouse in Fareham where we have operated since 1972.

We supply to pet shops, garden centres and licenced online retailers.

Shipments arrive every Tuesday from countries including Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, Peru, Columbia, Brazil and Israel.

We also source from UK home breeders who often supply very high quality special interest fish. We also support these serious hobbyists by supplying them with hard to obtain breeding stock at excellent prices. Contact us to become a trusted supplier.

All fish arriving at the warehouse are treated and quarantined for at least 8 days. All fish are guaranteed parasite free on arrival at your retail outlet.

Our warehouse supports both hard and soft water systems for incoming and outgoing livestock. We can acclimatise fish to your specific water conditions prior to shipment.

Livestock is packed and shipped on Wednesday and Thursday for delivery on Thursday and Friday respectively. Retailers can also visit the warehouse on weekdays to select and collect livestock by prior arrangement.

There is no minimum order quantity for any particular species so you can top up your regular stock every week.

Weekly Price List

The price list is issued every Monday and sent by email to all registered retailers.

The price list includes photos and videos of some of the fish to allow you to check size and quality.

There is also a discount schedule for overall order value.

If you enter your order on the price list then your discount is calculated for you.

Orders can also be made by phone and we are always happy to discuss your requirements and advise you of any particularly good stock available that week.

Main Price List

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If you would like to join our list of registered retailers please call Karen on 01329 286431 or complete the Trade Application form.


Wholesale Tropical Fish
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