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Our New Website

After all these years we decided that we needed a new tropical fish website. Our first and only website to date was started in 2003, surely not, and has survived all this time. Was Google around then? Probably.

Anyway, hopefully everyone will find it an improvement. The main change is that the price lists are now behind a password protected area and if anyone does want to see them they must register with us first.

Wholesale Tropical Fish


Eventually this page will include the latest happenings in the tank room such as the new arrivals, new additions to our stock list and hopefully input from our customers as well. We are open to anything fish related.

Wholesale Tropical Fish

Paiche - Peru

A Peruvian fisherman takes a paiche, a giant South American tropical freshwater fish, to sell at a market in Iquitos, Peru, in 1993.

We do not sell these, well not as large as this one!!



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Wholesale Tropical Fish
Wholesale Tropical Fish

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